1. You need to have Ventrilo installed. It`s required for instances and Raids. If you don`t have Ventrilo installed you can`t join the raid.
2. Guild Master’s may correct class leaders in high end instances.
3. CT_Raid is a pré. It`s your own problem if you don`t use it (it makes it harder for you).
4. Bad language won`t be tolerated anywhere (u will be kicked from guild... no warning, no exceptions)!
5. If offline for more than 2 weeks with no valid reason you will be kicked!
6. Everyone is imposed to help each other - either if it is with a quest, item or other important matters.
7. Any complaints will move upwards in the hierarchy. First to the respective Captain, then to the General and then to the Guild Master.
8. All officers have the same rights as the Guild Master. In severe cases the Guild Master and General can cast veto.
9. All members have equal rights to state their opinion and can contribute with everything they want to.
10. On Guild events (Raids, PvP etc) all members who are online at the given time are encouraged to participate. Members who are in an instance at the time may decide to participate or not.
11. Everyone can come with suggestions about internal improvements in the Guild. These shall be approved and made clear democratic.
12. Leak of sensitive Guild information is strictly prohibited. If this occurs, the person in regard will be removed without a warning from the Guild.
13. Violation of the Guild Rules will result in a warning. If the situation doesn’t improve, the person in concern will be demoted to Initiate. More rule breaking will get the member dismissed from the Guild.
If signed to a raid meet on time and with the buffs required for the instance.


All drops that have a great value for a certain class must be pasted in the Guild Chat if you are not in need of the item yourself. Those members who are interested in the specific item may post their wish to receive the item. If two or more are interested, the beholder will do a /random roll. Blue (unique) and Epic (purple) items that drops in a full Dux Bellorum team should be given to one of the team members if the person will equip it. If no one in the current team needs it (will not use it) then everyone can roll.

When you receive an item which has a great value on Auction House, you are obligated to present this item in the Guild Chat and offer it for members for half price - 50% or less of the median price (wow.wowhead.com).

If you are in a random group and you get hold of a good item, it's up to you what to do with it. But we strongly encourage that you pass it to someone who needs it in the Guild.

We do not tolerate greed inside the Guild. Sharing valuable drops will increase the potential of the Guild and allways arm members with top of the notch gear.

Under certain circumstances a member may be able to sell a valuable item on AH for a higher price if in desperate need of money for i.e. mount or epic mount.

We use a Raid Point System which members will be taught how works once accepted.

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